Turn Your Passion To Profit: Individual Coaching Programme

So… you’re ready?

You’ve found what you love doing, what you’re good at, what makes a difference for others… and you’re ready to make a go of it. A big part of you is energized and excited about this next phase; you have the training under your belt, your passion is there, bring it on.

But another part of you is having a freak out. You have all these ideas… but where on earth do you start?! You have all this energy… but how do you best channel it?

There are so many questions and you don’t want to waste time (nor money) going down fruitless paths, or failing to put the right basics in place.

Yes, there’s tons of business advice and information out there – but it can be utterly overwhelming. How do you choose what’s most relevant for your business? You do a little web-browsing and before long, you’re surfing aimlessly, eyes zoning out, brain full. Self-doubt kicks in, followed by paralyzing procrastination.

Enough already!

Just because you want to be self-employed doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. And just as you trained as a coach, or yoga teacher, or acupuncturist, or [fill in the blank], you’re allowed to lean in for support around this business-building thing. You aren’t expected to suddenly ‘get’ how to market, or how to package your services so people are desperate to buy, or how to define your niche. These are skills that can be learnt, at a pace that’s right for you and in a way which allows you to be completely authentic in your approach.

Because one of the dreams of self-employment was to have the freedom and autonomy to do things YOUR way. And so you want both the business savvy – all those strong, solid, grounded principles which make self-employment effective and profitable – AND the space to design your practice so it just oozes YOU – making it both unique and irresistible to others and also deeply fulfilling to you.

Discover YOUR way of being profitably self-employed

You can experience:

CLARITY. The chance to talk through your ideas and turn the jumble of possibilities into a strong, strategic plan. To know which next action steps to focus on and which to put on the back-burner. When you’re clear, you can be committed and start carrying your ideas through into reality.

EASE. You can find your most productive pace, work in your natural element and play to your strengths – so that your work life feels smooth and enjoyable.

AUTHENTICITY. You can be fully yourself as a business person, not contorting yourself or putting a costume on. If you try to be everything to everyone, you’re likely to feel you’ve lost yourself. Instead, you can declare: “This is who I am, this is what I’m about, this is what I do” – which makes communicating with prospective clients and referrers much easier.

STRUCTURED SUPPORT. Imagine someone by your side who understands the unique nature of the entrepreneurial journey, with its highs and the lows, and who can hold the big picture when you feel you’re stuck. You can have regular accountability, which enables you to see ideas all the way through to completion, rather than stalling half way through. You can enjoy dedicated time to work ON your business (not just IN it) so that you can consciously choose its direction.

PROFITABILITY. You can let go of fears that your money will trickle away and instead know that you’re working effectively, with your actions leading directly towards your financial goals. You’re building a business for the long-term and can enjoy that feeling of relief, knowing you can pay your bills and have a healthy work-life balance, rather than frantically toiling away, desperate to bring in a few more pennies.

Clarify your niche… Know how to package your passion… Develop a strong marketing message… Choose the right marketing vehicles… Take people from strangers to paying clients… Heal your relationship with money and the ‘sales’ process… Structure your time, maximize your energy, use technology appropriately, set healthy boundaries… Be in profitable self-employment… Celebrate!

These are the outcomes typically reported by clients who have been supported by individual coaching. I’m Renee, a certified coach and profitably self-employed for six years through my business Red Lotus Consulting. I love helping men & women to discover the solid business basics which enable them to actually earn money doing what they love – and make a difference for others. Enjoying both impact and income through the self-employment journey is my area of expertise and I’d love to share that with you.