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Overwhelmed by responsibilities?
Want more time, energy and focus?
Struggling with relationships?
Ready to get more out of life?

There is a Solution

Welcome to Red Lotus! My name is Renee Laverdiere. I’m a Certified Coach that specializes in working with busy professionals just like you.

Whether it’s business or personal, with practical insights and gentle guidance we’ll work together to create the life you want to be living.

Personal Life Coaching

Uncover your hidden potential & true desires to begin living the life of your dreams

Business & Success Coaching

Relieve stress and overwhelm, create clarity and focus, move forward with more direction, passion and ease

Relationship Coaching | Loving and Lustful Relationships

Have the relationship and the partner you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you ready to make important changes in your life? Ones that will help transform your relationships, career and health? If you want clarity, are ready to set wellness goals and be held accountable, improve your relationship or personal style, I can help.

It is never too late for new beginnings. Your past has been a learning experience and your future is everything you dream it to be. Great things can happen when you are open to transformation. Learn how to clear your mind and rid of negative energy, work through self doubt, clarify your vision and live a more balanced life. You will emerge a positive, confident, and radiant YOU!

Success Stories Read here  how I’ve help other people achieve their dreams!

Contact me Today for a Free Coaching Consultation and start living your best life!